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Below are listed the 18 plays produced in the 2010s by the Group.

Click on GALLERY to open a programme scan and production photographs.

April 2010

November 2010

April 2011

November 2011

April 2012

November 2012

April 2013

November 2013

April 2014

November 2014

April 2015

November 2015

April 2016

November 2016

November 2017

April 2018

April 2019

November 2019

I Am a Camera

Wanted - One Body

All Things Bright and Beautiful


The Weekend

Ladies' Day

The Memory of Water

Hi De Hi

Flat Spin


Take Away the Lady

My Three Angels

Be My Baby

The Thrill of Love

My Brilliant Divorce


Albert Make Us Laugh

A Kick in the Baubles




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