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The SADATA One Act Play Festival is held annually at the Sheffield Library Theatre in Tudor Square. Local groups from across South and West Yorkshire take part. The event celebrates the very best in amateur theatrical talent and offers a platform for groups to explore new writers or revisit old ones. Over the last few years the event has abandoned its competitive structure and has developed into a true festival of celebration.


53 Theatre Group presented 'The Donahue Sisters' by Geraldine Aron at this year's festival. In this one-act play the sisters, who meet up at the family home to await the death of their father, talk about their unhappy adult lives long into the night before re-enacting a very disturbing episode from their childhood. The sisters were portrayed by Adèle Jones, Kate Reardon and Jo Foster. The play was directed by Jack Massey.




In 2014 the 53 Group was proud to present a new play written to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 1st World War.

'Dancing in the Trenches', by Dave Oxley, depicted the very human tragedy of warfare and did so with the gallows humour that soldiers relied on to cope with the horrors they witnessed.

Henry Collins is a young man with his whole life ahead of him, a job, a girlfriend and a future. Like so many men he signs up because he thinks its the right thing to do, carried away 'in the excitement of it all'. The reality of warfare is not quite what he had imagined and Henry is forced to face his fears as the big push draws ever closer.

A poignant reminder of the sacrifices that were made by so many young men and the debt we owe them.

53 Group achieves great success at this year's SADATA Festival.

Kay Massey, who directed the play, won Second Prize. The two young men, Ross Cawton who played Private Collins and Glen Gregory who played Private Thorpe won a joint trophy for Best Young Actors under the age of 21! Lee Cambell who played Corporal Dodds was nominated for the Best Male Actor Award! Even the set in the trenches got a commendation! Congratulations to them all!!

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